Scottish Youth Parliament Elections 2021


Constituency Name: Midlothian South Tweeddale and Lauderdale

Candidates in this Constituency:

Ally Turnbull

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Key Issues

  1. Education
  2. The environment
  3. Transportation

Hayden Gordon

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Key Issues

  1. Equalities
  2. Poverty and income inequality
  3. The environment

Emma Murray

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Key Issues

  1. Education
  2. The environment
  3. Health and wellbeing

Campbell Lightly West

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Key Issues

  1. Justice
  2. Education
  3. Health and wellbeing

Isabel Headon

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Key Issues

  1. Health and wellbeing
  2. Culture and media
  3. Other

Desandhi Parakramawansha

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Key Issues

  1. Equalities
  2. Youth work
  3. Culture and media

Named election coordinators for this constituency:

Julia Ellison
 36 Edgefield Road
Ramsay Campus
EH20 9DY
Pam Rigby
 Community Learning and Development Services
Scottish Borders Council
Council Headquarters
Newtown St Boswells

Telephone: 01835 824000 ext.5450
Kirstie Morrow
 Kirstie is one of SYPs National Election Coordinators.
Jamie Dunlop
 Jamie is a member of SYP staff and is the National Election Coordinator.